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Pastor Roberto Atienza immigrated with his family to Southern California where he spent his formative years. Initially pursuing medicine (as many young immigrants are encouraged by their parents to do) he came to faith in Christ as a college freshmen and soon after felt the call to enter into the ministry. After his marriage to Heather, he and his wife relocated to the Twin Cities (MN) where Roberto graduated from the University of Northwestern, Saint Paul with a Bachelor of Science in Ministry and then subsequently with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies.

He was called to serve as the Music, Youth, and Young Adults Pastor of the Filipino American Christian Church in 2005, has served as their sole pastor since 2011, and was ordained to the Gospel ministry by Converge Worldwide in April, 2013. He has four kids—Dietrich, Tessiana, Juana, and Bastiaan—and is still very much enthralled by the extreme weather of Minnesota and the beautiful nuances of cross-cultural ministry.

"I am passionate for Christ and His people, the study and sharing of His Word, and look forward to the everlasting joy we will experience with Him in Eternity."

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