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"Questions and Answers" Workshop

Family Camp 2016 was a tremendous blessing, and I continue to Praise God for all who attended and helped to make it such a success!

One of the wonderful things stemming from Family Camp 2016 are the follow-up questions and discussions that have arisen from the camp's "Questions and Answers" workshop. A new addition to last year's camp, the "Questions and Answers" workshop has proven to be extremely beneficial; a time to delve more deeply into questions about the Scriptures, Christian life, church history, theology, etc. In fact, we're looking at ways of possibly incorporating these workshops throughout the year!

Now, two weeks after camp, the Lord continues to provide in the way He promised in Matthew 7 by saying "ask and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find" (Matt. 7:7). This video by Ryan Reeves, PhD, Assistant Professor of Historical Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary does a great job of summarizing the Catholic Reformation as well as the differences - both nuanced and apparent - between Protestantism (Lutheran, Reformed, etc.) and Roman Catholicism (primarily Tridentine, but also modern Roman Catholicism). Topics like the doctrine of salvation, the importance-of/emphasis-on tradition, and even a brief history of the Jesuit Order are all included. Better yet, if you click on the "YouTube" button in the video you can view Dr. Reeves' other videos.

Another great video (found through YouTube's "suggested videos" section while viewing the above video) is this video from Seedbed's "Seven Minute Seminary" series which talks about the Nicene Creed. Questions about creeds (what they are, their purpose, etc.) also arose during the "Questions and Answers" workshop and this video does a great job of actually summarizing what we discussed.

The lesson learned from this: next time we should probably just record our "Questions and Answers" session :).

Peace and blessings to you all!

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