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A "Happy Anniversary" Poem


A few years back, while giving a sermon on Proverbs 31, I wrote this poem to illustrate how the author writes Proverbs 31 as an acrostic; each line of the second half of Proverbs 31 begins with a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet. This is done poetically; to share things about a virtuous woman that the writer sees as praiseworthy.

I praise God for the 14 years of marriage that he's given to us. With every passing day I find more reasons to praise God for the wife that He's given to me, so much so that I feel compelled to edit and add to this poem. But I won't :) ... because it's sometimes sweeter to just reflect on how I felt back then, and marvel at how much more God allows me to "feel" now :).


Heaven sent companion

when I felt all alone

You came with words of truth and love

God sent so He’d be known

Ever loving, ever faithful

the thief who stole my heart

I am the one who gained the most

I prayed we’d never part

Amazing grace, God did the work

my life anew begun

And with His mighty hand He made

the two to become one

Together we drove towards the sun

our God as Lord and guide

At last we stopped in snowy plains

you were always at my side

How wonderful and gracious is

my God whose praise I sung

Our family began to grow

Two daughters and two sons

Everyday I thank the Lord

for sending you to me

For how could I have ever loved

without my eyes to see

Redeemed by God is how I live

because He sent His Son

A double-blessing I received

When He made two become one

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